Implementing a new computer program?
Restructuring your organization?
Redefining processes?

You need to minimize downtime,
ease transition,
manage resistance and
maximize user adoption . . . yesterday

Lesia Kushner is a consultant and speaker on change management.

She works with users and companies going through major changes and advances them through to success

Lesia uses her talents and many years of experience, and also follows the PROSCI's methodologies and tools. This all includes:

Utilizing the ADKAR Method
Implementing any change needs to be done in a logical order. The ADKAR model does just that.

Communication Plans
Communicating effectively and regularly to the necessary user groups is absolutely essential. Just as important as what is communicated is how it is communicated

Sponsor Road maps and Leadership Coaching
Without visible and active leadership,change will not be successful

Training which focuses not just on knowledge, but also on ability.
Knowing what to do and how to do it are not the same thing

Resistance Management
With any change there will be resistance.
The strategy needs to be to expect it and minimize it

Change is inevitable;
learning how to manage change is critical to success.

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