Lesia's Speaking & Consulting Services

As an experienced change manager, Lesia speaks with groups of users, everyone from executive to HR to management. These groups of users are all realizing how important their roles are in managing change. Now she works with these users and provides them with the tools and techniques to see the changes through to success.

Change Management for major projects and implementations entails several different components. Although these services are best when consolidated, the following are also available individually.

Change Readiness, Change Impact, Stakeholder and Risk Assessments
Before implementing any change, thoroughly understanding the starting point is necessary
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Leadership Coaching
The most important person for any employee is his/her direct manager. As such, with any change, all managers of impacted employees must lead their teams through the change for the change to be successful. Lesia will work with and coach upper and mid-level managers so that they understand what to communicate, when and how; how to support their staff; and how to manage resistance (if any) from their teams.

Communication Strategies and Plans
Communicating effectively, timely and to the necessary audiences both verbal and non-verbal is provided in these strategies and plans.

Want a custom built training system for your unique business?
A training system that meets the needs of your users where ever they are at?
Time is precious, do not waste it on having your staff go through useless training sessions that don't meet their needs Lesia can create training that is effective, efficient and will have your staff up and running in no time.
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